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    We are an agency/production company and we are passionate about creativity and the vertiginous gap between paper and image, between sentence and scene and between letter and frame. We would like to make of every idea a story, of every concept a message and of every instant a thrilling work of audiovisual that would break the commercial boundaries in order to move and reach the consumers’ heart and then turn them into fans of our brands.

    While Spiderman wraps buildings with spiderweb, while Catwoman meows and drinks her bowl of milk and while Superman flies us through time; we move, touch and comunicate by means of the exciting world of the audiovisual language. For we believe that heroes are those who have found their power, those who improve every day and, above all, those who captivate people through their talent and work.

    We are Minimal Heroes. Do you want to find out what our powers can do for you?


    The shot that shakes our brain cells is heard. The race has started 30 seconds ahead, the speed doesn’t prevent us from feeling every second as a fleeting wish for more energy in the race. My perfectly synchronised breathing looks irregular and imprecise when joined to the other runners’ breathing. Flash, film, roar, screams.

    Be it on-line, television or big format, Advertising Cinema is, for Minimal Heroes, a vibrating and incomparable race of a few seconds.

    Motion Graphics

    The combinatory essence of this discipline turns Motion Graphics into the creative tool for excellence. The possibility of combining design, illustration, animation and technology makes of this art a key piece for Minimal Heroes. Any product, company, web or app is raised by the endless possibilities of computer graphics.

    Spots, virals, corporate videos, demos, promotionals can contain, partially or entirely, Motion Graphics.


    A deep knowledge of the brand, together with a marked cinematographic signature, allows us to not only elaborate a video that introduces the company, but also to discover its soul, virtues, energy and values. Always in search of new formats that would distance from the corporate classic, the “short documentary” provides the true narrative of a documentary, allowing the integration of the brand in a true story. Minimal Heroes aims to design a custom-made and non-transferrable video for each company.


    The perfect blend of seduction and information, the promotional joins the character and style of the spot together with the informative mission of the corporate.


    To immortalize the best moments in the best way, it is without doubt the best way of having the best memory.

    New formats

    We believe in the daily reinvention of techniques, methods, ideas… Audiovisual complements for microsites, e-reports, e-books, videos for billboards, videos for LED screens, interactive audiovisual, video mapping…In Minimal Heroes we love new formats and we enjoy developing new audiovisual works combining different disciplines that would produce an innovative, high quality, witty and exciting product.


    Minimal Heroes Films is the cinematographic producer of the brand. Our love for cinematographic language and the possibility of talking about humankind are the greatest expressions of image. That is why we produce, co-produce or collaborate on the creation of own or external shorts; always focused on eventually achieving the feature film.


    Together with fiction, Minimal Heroes Films believes in the documentary format not only for its amazing ability to move and communicate, but for its great vesatility in the use of materials and techniques that would turn this work into a fantastic field for tests and experiments.

    Original Soundtracks and jingles

    The fusion of audiovisual and musical language represents a great challenge, but it successfully represents a great triumph. Every emotion, every colour and every landscape have their musical note, their tempo and rhythm. In Minimal Heroes we compose and design custom-made music for your work.

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      ~ Who believes in our powers? ~

      • Fujifilm
      • Reebok
      • Universitat de Barcelona
      • Puig
      • Grupo Océano
      • Pepsico
      • ABB
      • Aijec
      • Grupo Planeta
      • Món Empresarial
      • Worldsensing
      • Cofidis
      • Ametller Origen
      • Identty
      • Fortriglobal
      • E-show
      • Pont Mestres
      • Asepeyo
      • Iandroms
      • Crowdadvisor
      • Lamp Lighting
      • hoy voy
      • Wordwide Fx
      • Oilmotion
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